SRC's Electronic ACH Payment Processing


The best way to avoid a service interrupt is to create a monthly recurring payment.  FOR SINGLE USE PAYMENTS, PLEASE ALLOW TEN DAYS FOR YOUR FUNDS TO CLEAR.


MONTHLY RECURRING PAYMENTS - Residential customers - divide your bill in half for automated payments. Take advantage of PaySimple's login by creating an account and password.  Always access the SRC payment system through our website gateway.  Privacy is our priority and we use your data only for communication and to the extent needed to perform our service.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: It takes up to 10 working days for an ACH electronic payment to clear and post to your account. If you have received a skip notice, please call the office and speak to one of our customer service representatives to avoid interruption. WE APPRECIATE YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS!


To use electronic payment processing, you will need:

  • An SRC account number printed on a statement or invoice

  • The address of service you are paying for

  • Checking account routing numbers

  • Your billing address


We continue to accept checks via traditional mail. Please call our office if you need help making an electronic payment. A customer service specialist is available Mon-Fri, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

SEPTEMBER 2020 UPDATE:  We are in the process of testing and rolling out the new SRC Online Portal!  The system allows you to view/download statements and receive communication about your services with us. You may join multiple accounts for ease of access and payment convenience.


To get started, call the office and receive an email invitation.  The invite link is required to create a login.  Your email is your username and you can easily reset your password once you have created the initial login.  We look forward to serving you and your feedback! 


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